Wristband for in-
hospital monitoring

CardiacSense’s wristband is specially desgined for in-hospital use.

Diverse Vital sign measurement capabilities

Continuous long term monitoring

Monthly Reports

2 Days between charges

Identifies and monitors hospitalized patients
Identifies and monitors hospitalized patients
Identifies and monitors hospitalized patients

The Wristband eliminates the Tangle of Tubes, Wires, Cables, and Chords

The CardiacSense wristband monitors vitals such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature and oxygen saturation (Sp02), and sends alerts straight to the nurses’ station. When patients are released from the hospital, the wristband continues monitoring them for several weeks and sends any alerts to their physicians. This feature dramatically reduces the need for readmission

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the band detect?

The band can detect heart arrhythmias such as Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Bradycardia and Cardiac Arrest.

What can the wrist cuff monitor?

The band can monitor all the vital signs that are required in in-hospital bed-side monitoring: Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation and Body Temperature.

Is it continuous monitoring or spot check?

This is 24/7 continous monitoring and the ONLY TIME that the patient will not be monitored is when the band is charged.

Does it require an internet connection?

No, the band connects via Bluetooth to the patient’s mobile phone.

What is the band's Accuracy?

The band is accurate as any ECG based device that the physician will prescribe to you when he/she would like long term monitoring.

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