CardiacSense Mobile and Web Applications

Stay connected anytime, from anywhere.

Distance is no more hurdle for staying Heart Healthy. CardiacSense’s Reliable decision helping tools allows Real Time Connectivity between Doctor and Patient.

User’s Mobile App

The CardiacSense mobile application (for Android and iOS) shows

Displays real-time data for all vital sign's values from the watch or external BLE connected devices. Add manual measurements.

Real Time Live streaming of ECG on Mobile App Dashboard with all Vital Signs like Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, Blood Pressure (Coming soon)

24Hr recording of all vital signs are available on user’s Mobile App and Cloud based User and Doctor Portals.

Notification of Medical condition on App Dashboard.

Whenever CardiacSense Medical watch detects any Irregular heart rhythms, which can be any of the Arrythmias, the watch displays a notification on dial and in App, followed by instruction on the screen to Place your fingers on the sensors to start the ECG.

User Mobile App Dashboard shows live ECG along with other vitals sings. Once ECG is done event report is generated which can be share with anyone in multiple ways.

Doctor can address any event occurs together with the user’s vital signs & ECG at the time of the event, used to help diagnose abnormal conditions which may affect the heart and physical health.

User can generate on demand Monthly Report by selecting date through Mobile App. Detailed Monthly report will be sent to user’s mail id

Quick view of the real-time dashboard of vital signs
Notification of abnormal heart rhythm on the mobile app
Notification of abnormal heart rhythm on the mobile app
Users can add annotation of symptoms while sharing the report with doctors
24hr recording of user's vital signs on mobile app

User’s Web App

The CardiacSense user portal is a web-based cloud platform, which gather all the Real Time medical data measured by the watch, allows the user to stream real-time Vital signs. 24Hr recording of Vital signs is also available.

User can change/set Thresholds for Vital Signs and if any Vital signs cross the set threshold, Notification will come on User mobile’s App and Doctor as well as User’s Web App.

User can send request to doctor through portal and give full access to them to view patient’s medical data.

User can share measurements history and Medical Reports with doctors and generate health analytical reports.

Access of user’s Vital signs and real-time ECG to physician, makes treatment faster, better and focused at the comfort of user’s home.

User can assign/remove viewers.( Family Members)

User can Setup medication taking reminder

User can Setup measurement reminders and schedules

Doctor’s Web Portal

The monitoring Doctor portal is an ultimate solution for doctors, medical institutes, long-term care facilities and monitoring centers wishing to observe the patients through a centralized monitoring system.

Doctor can register to the CardiacSense Physician’s portal free of charge to view their Patients’ real-time ECG, vital signs, past ECG recordings, Annotations reported and reports of all their Patients using the CardiacSense medical watch.

If Any Arrhythmia is detected or Vital cross the threshold for particular patient, it will be appeared in red colour with notification screen for immediate action.

Doctor can view and change patient's medical thresholds and anomalies reported.

Doctor request patients to perfume real-time ECG. Remote patient will receive notification to conduct ECG and ECG test result will be streaming live on Doctor’s Portal.

The portal provides the supporting medical data required for comprehensive decision making and medical intervention and allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely. Cloud based portal makes Remote Patient Monitoring more effective.

Increase treatment efficiency by early detection of deterioration, resulting in better patient care, while increasing the number of patients which can be treated.