Preventive Care Programs

The CardiacSense Medical Watch can track basic vitals, detect heart rhythm abnormalities, and provide fitness data to individual outpatients and their physicians in order to engage patients in the maintenance of their own health.

You are the medical director of a medium-sized HMO. Your focus is on keeping your members healthy and out of the hospital. You know that people who are engaged and proactive about their health are more likely to remain healthy as they age. You decide to start a pilot program offering monthly premium discounts to members from known high-risk populations who agree to purchase the CardiacSense Medical Watch to track their fitness levels and monitor for abnormalities. By keeping your members healthy and detecting disease earlier you hope to conserve valuable healthcare resources.

Home Rehabilitation

The CardiacSense Medical Watch allows for rehabilitation at home earlier after lengthy hospitalizations or after surgery by providing medical grade vital sign tracking and indicators of patient fitness and activity.

Discharge Monitoring

The CardiacSense Medical Watch may be used to prevent readmissions after discharge in at-risk patient groups.
You are the medical director of a large insurance company. You have seen how hospitals have devoted resources to avoiding the Medicare 30-day readmission penalty. However, you are aware that they have focused their efforts only on Medicare patients, and you wish to extend the benefits of reduced readmissions to your own population. You decide to purchase CardiacSense Medical Watches which you lend to your sickest patients upon their discharge. You make arrangements to integrate the data with the patients’s local health care provider, collaborating with several local physician groups. In doing so you are able to significantly lower the readmission rate of your own patient population.

Fall Prevention

The CardiacSense Medical Watch can analyze gait patterns and predict increased fall risk before a fall actually occurs.

Every month you have several patients with long and expensive hospital admissions after falling at home. You decide to offer discounted CardiacSense Medical Watches to your highest risk patients – those with histories of falls, dementia, and advanced movement disorders in an effort to detect and prevent falls and the resulting morbidity and mortality.