Performance You Can Count On.

The CardiacSense watch is the most advanced, clinically proven solution in cardiac monitoring. Reliable as it is innovative, it is the novel way to ensure constant monitoring of the cardiac system and blood pressure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as it’s needed.

In the event that the CardiacSense watch detects a heart arrhythmia (such as A-Fib), cardiac arrest or threshold-crossing blood pressure values, it sends an alert, for timely provision of the necessary medical intervention.

The device was developed with the guidance of our CMOs which are world leading electrophysiologists and hemodynamics physicians, who teamed with our optics and electronics experts.

Real Time Alerts.

Supported by traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) verification, what makes the CardiacSense wearable different is that it uses PPG technology (photoplethysmography) that is free of any movement artifacts (which are the Achilles Heel of traditional PPG) to carry out long-term, continuous monitoring of the cardiac system’s activity.

All this technology and know-how is housed in a beautifully designed wristwatch, making it a noninvasive, easy-to-use solution that encourages patient compliance.

The watch interacts with the CardiacSense mobile application for sending simple, easy-to-read reports directly to the physician in real time (raw and processed data).