CardiacSense Medical Watch Empowering Health Professionals & Patients with these Benefits

Benefits For Patients

  1. Easy, convenient, comfortable, improves compliance
  2. Ambulatory: Allowing mobility and daily routine, no hamper of work. Improved quality of life
  3. Sense of being watched & connected to their health care professionals
  4. Reduced anxiety, stress & fear of what’s happening with me. As been watched over
  5. Health Economic benefit: Reducing unnecessary visits to clinic and hospitals reduce unnecessary investigations & reduced overall treatment costs
  6. Better clinical outcomes as timely diagnosis, treatment & better clinical outcome
  7. Generate medical grade Vitals and Arrhythmia reports and share it with your doctor for immediate and accurate action
  8. Empowering Tele health medicine service by sharing measurements of vitals parameter, annotations and remote real-time live ECG with your doctor and family members through Mobile App, Cloud based portals
  9. Water and Dust proof Medical Grade Device. Unprecedented ease of use, patient can wear it 24/7
  10. Improves quality of life, reduces stress, anxiety & fear of not being connected with their physician

Benefits For Clinicians

 CardiacSense Medical Watch is designed for long term remote patient monitoring, gives holistic view of patient’s health while patient is away from hospital. Medical grade Monitoring tool that helps for actionable treatment decision making

  1.     Enabling capture of arrhythmias those are transient & infrequent in nature, leading to timely diagnosis, timely referral, timely treatment hence better clinical outcomes (more patients for treatment)
  2.     Unprecedented opportunities for patient follow-up. As you get more specific patients with access to complete data in EMR or Tele consultation can guide patient timely, with real time data access & save more lives
  3.     Empowering referral physician network, you can guide them for their patient treatment due to real time data access to health record. Get patients referred timely to the center.

5.      The CardiacSense Watch can be used for Pre-Hospitalization, inpatients post discharge, home hospitalization, elderly patients and chronic disease management

Benefits For Hospitals

  1. Better Care through Extended Monitoring of Post Discharge Patients
  2. Timely Remote Diagnosis & Intervention leading to better clinical outcomes
  3. 24/7 Arrhythmia detection ensures Minimal Chances of Missed Events
  4. Higher NABH Ratings with Reduced Mortality & Morbidity Rates
  5. Very Well Designed Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports provides Holistic View of Patient Improvement or Deterioration
  6. Customized and Real Time monitoring Screens integrated into Existing EMRs ensures Hospital Grade Remote Patient Care
  7. CardiacSense Solution ensures Better Patient Retention as All patient recovery data accessible to the Hospital
  8. Additional Source of Revenue through Post discharged patient Monitoring & Bundled Services